Sunday, September 25, 2016

6 x 7

Some quilts make a mark on you and this is one of those quilts. I bought a set of 9 1/2" squares of Amy Butler fabric from a destash on Instagram and set it aside. It was one of the those impulse purchases and after I received the squares in the mail, I was like, what was I thinking? I have nothing that coordinates with this fabric and all of the quilt shops around me don't sell Amy Butler fabric, so I set it aside.

A few months go by. I was edgy and restless and needed something to sew that was quick and easy, so I pulled these out, and sewed them up quick as a flash.

 I knew as soon as I finished the top that this quilt would stay with us, so I decided to try something new and ordered some Amy Butler voile fabric for the back! I couldn't tell you what the fabric lines are in this quilt, but they all seem to clash well together (for lack of better words).

I also used a different type of batting (Polyester high loft) than I normally use (Warm & Natural) and it resulted in a nice, squishy quilt. I quilted with simple diagonal lines because I wanted it to stay poofy.

It's like snuggling a silky cloud - I love it :)

I have a couple of other projects in the works, which I'll share next time.

'Til then, best wishes,