Thursday, March 20, 2014


Today, I thought I'd share a couple of my current WIP (work in progress) projects that I've managed to start but don't have any time to work on.

Alas, I can look at the pictures and say "someday, I will work on you"... :)

The first project is one that I started last year when I was pregnant with Boy #2. I was technically on bed rest, but anyone who has had that sentence knows there is no way in heck you can just lay in a bed all day long. So I sat sometimes, instead. I saw this pattern on Moda Bakeshop a while back and loved it, fabric and all and put it on my to-do list with the stipulation that I would make it, but only with the fabric it was originally made with because I loved it so much. So, I waited and searched and hunted in vain, until one day, a local quilt store had a layer cake and by that time, I was ready to pay the price they had listed for it.

The fabric line was Fandango by Kate Spain, and she is one of my most favorite fabric designers. The pattern is made from 3 charm packs and some yardage and I just love it! Mostly because it has stars in it :)

The top is all finished and basted. I have 3 of the 16 stars quilted and with the way I am quilting it, each star takes about 45 minutes to, needless to say, it is hard for me to commit the time to quilt one star versus getting 45 minutes further on another project, since I pretty much only sew after bedtimes for normal people. I really want to get this done soon though...

My next WIP is a quilt kit that I picked up at a local quilt show. I fell in love with the display quilt, but decided not to get the kit. Then I walked around the show and thought about that darn quilt the whole rest of the time I was there. Somehow my feet wandered back there and I grabbed it before I could think twice about it (again).

The colors aren't something I normally lean to, but the more that I look at them, the more I love them! The fabrics are Paloma by Dear Stella. I just got the backing for it and it is a flower-embossed minky in white that I am so excited about. This will be my cuddle-on-the-couch quilt for myself, since I still seem to be borrowing Boy #1's quilt to snuggle with...

The third thing on my WIP list is to make curtains for my kitchen out of these super cute fabrics! I picked up a couple of half-yard cuts at my local quilt store because they were so cute, but I didn't have any plans for them. A few weeks ago, I hung up the fabric to see what they would look like as curtains and voila! new plan for the fabric. The fabrics are from the KITSCHenette line by Claudine Hellmuth for Andover Fabrics.

Also on my list is finding a pattern using fat quarters for Boy #2's quilt.

I just have a couple of things to keep me busy :) Hope you have a great first day of Spring!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Round and round finished!

Yay! My second finished quilt of the year! Man, I am on a roll!

I have so many WIPs floating around, that sometimes I feel like a butterfly flying here, working on this for a little bit, flying there, working on that for a little bit, and somehow I manage to come up with even more things to do while I'm fluttering around. So, last month, I decided I needed to finish something and get it off of my to-do list, and what better thing to finish than something that has been on my list for over a year (maybe a little more).

 This quilt is for Boy #1. It feels so good to know that he is going to have something handmade by his mommy. Even if he never uses it (he's pretty attached to some other blankets), at least he has it :)

I quilted the circles with swirls. In the beginning, I tried to keep the lines uniformly apart, but then some squiggles happened and since I have a no-unpicking policy (unless I royally screwed up the piecing part of it), they stayed, along with the hundred other squiggles that happened.

I stitched in the ditch around each square/block and did a loopy-loop on the borders. I really enjoyed doing the loopy-loops because they were super fast and perfect for borders.

He hasn't received the quilt yet, because I am still on the fence about whether he should receive it as a birthday present (which is still a few months away) or as a just-because present, but I think he will be receiving it in the near-future, just because :)

Also, I might be borrowing it to snuggle with after he goes to bed...maybe.