Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Halloween Tablerunner

What to say about Halloween? I love the holiday and it makes me happy when Halloween decorations start hitting the stores in the month of July!

I had a couple of hours to myself recently and whipped this tablerunner out, with two days to spare before the holiday!

Love the bright colors of this tablerunner, especially with the neon green inner border and binding.

 I quilted it in an all-over swirly pattern just to get this quilted and on the table for enjoyment before Halloween, otherwise it would end up in my I-might-get-to-it-before-next-Halloween-pile (not that I have something like that).

I even had my hubster make two giant spiders to put on the roof! This picture was before the massive spiderweb was put around it. We also put an orange spotlight on it, so it looked large and looming at night!

I just cut out my next project and started piecing it, so hopefully I will have pictures of that work-in-progress up here soon!

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