Friday, December 13, 2013

What to do, what to do?

Ho, ho, ho! Hee, hee, hee! Ha, ha ha! I think that's my laugh quota for the whole week, right there!
So, all kidding aside, I have a bit of a quandary. There have been lots of pregnant gals in my office this year (seven total) and I've made a little something for each of them, like burp cloths or receiving blankets; the most recent pregnancy and the one person out of those folks that I actually consider a friend, I made a quilt for her (Brooklyn's Quilt).

Well, here is the quandary: another person that is in the same group of friends, but not someone who I personally consider a friend, is expecting and due in February and I am totally on the fence about making a quilt for her baby. Making a quilt is time-consuming, and with my life right now, time is a luxury that I run short of. I'm not sure I like this person enough to make a baby quilt for her, but because we all have lunch together about once a week, I would feel weird if I didn't do it. But I have no drive whatsoever to start anything for her. I haven't even made a baby quilt for my most recent addition to the family (I know, bad quilter!); I've just been making things for other people.

Now is the time to start on it, because I only am able to quilt late at night or during part of the weekend.

Maybe the answer is that I make one for her, but use a really easy pattern and scraps, so at least I'm not investing as much time and money into it. Maybe the answer is that I make my own baby a quilt first, then whirl one up for her, so that my family is taken care of before hers.

This is her third child, and I didn't know her until after she had had her other two, so I haven't made anything for her before.

 Any pearls of wisdom out there?


  1. Michelle, one option you could consider is getting 1.25 yards of a baby print and just machine quilting it. No days there are so many cute prints for babies. If you want (or feel obligated) to do something for the latest prego girl, this could be an easier and less expensive venture! Especially if you did a Joann's print.

  2. As always, you are my wise sounding board! I see a trip to Joann's in our future... :)