Sunday, June 12, 2016

Green and Blue Quilt

Wow, where has the time gone?! The last time I posted it was still pretty chilly and grey outside...I blinked and now it is summer, with all of its bright colors! You know what that means...better lighting and backgrounds for photos :)

I made this quilt in January/February for a coworker of mine who was having her second baby. I made her a quilt for her first baby, a girl (here is the first one), and kind of felt that I should make her one for her second, who is a boy. I wrestled with that decision though, something I've talked about here before, that line between the desire to give and obligation to give because it has been done before.

In the end, after I chased my tail a few times, I settled in and made a quilt for her. I wanted a simple pattern, and wanted to use fabrics that I already had, so that it didn't feel as much as an investment, more like a gift, so I chose a pattern that is called "Mini Super Six". It uses six half-yards of fabric, which I just happened to have in my stash :) The fabric is from Jo-Anns.

The backing is a really thick fleece that I bought for my stash, just because it was too cute not to come home with me. I also used batting, so this quilt is a little heavy, but will be super-warm as her little boy grows into it. I used the backing as the binding, so her little boy will have a nice, soft edge to snuggle with and will totally use that method on more quilts from now on!

I have since misplaced the pattern, but the size was around 48"x60", plenty big enough to grow into! I kind of shy away from smaller baby quilts, mostly because smaller quilts can only be used for so long, and if I am going to put the time and effort in to make one, I want them to be able to use it for as long as possible!

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon with more pretties :)

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