Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunny Day Progress

Progress: the process of improving or developing something over a period of time. Pretty fitting description for anything quilting related, huh?

This project, using a kit found at a quilt show with Avalon fabrics, has been placed on the back burner several times since I started it, but I'm happy to report that the top is finished! Progress has been made!

It's now basted and partially quilted. I'm not real happy with how the quilting is going, though, so I've started unpicking what has already been quilted, which sucks a big, fat one. I was going to do an allover floral design with some swirly loops between the flowers, but the flowers look more like a child's scribbles than a flower and that was ticking me off, so I stopped quilting and started unpicking. I think I'll go with this pattern: Crybaby Meander; it looks easy enough and it is something that I haven't tried before.

I just really want to get this done, so I can snuggle on the couch with it, even though it's going to be like, a hundred degrees here shortly... :)

1 comment:

  1. Love it, Michelle! Like a window overlooking flowers ... how did you quilt it in the end?