Sunday, July 20, 2014

She's alive!!!

She's alive...and somewhat kicking :) So much has been going on in my little world lately that I haven't had time to update this ol' blog here with some the projects that I've been working on!

Never fear, though, we can fix that!

My In From the Cold fat eighth bundle has been sliced into; I cut 4 5-inch squares from each eighth and have some scraps left over that I plan on making a couple pillows out of.

My office seems to have a fertility statue hidden there are five pregnant ladies! It was time to come up with something to make for them that is not as intensive as a quilt, but still something useful and handmade...burp cloths! I backed mine with terry cloth found at JoAnn's and wish that I had had some for myself!


I've given away one set and have another cut can make ten burp cloths (or 2 sets of 5) with 5 fat quarters and a yard of terry cloth...good deal if you ask me...especially when you get everything on sale or with a coupon!


Lastly, I made a skirt for a friend of mine whose daughter turned four last week. It felt really nice to make the whole skirt from my stash...something I need to do more of!

I'll be back soon with more fun for you!


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