Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A New Start

I have a confession to make...you may have noticed that I have been missing and the truth is that I got swallowed up by the hyper-delivery that is Instagram and have been lounging there for the past few months, absorbing all of the instant updates about up and coming fabric lines, new patterns, and gorgeous quilts that people seem to make at the blink of an eye. It wasn't as satisfying as reading a blog post, where someone has taken the time to take lots of pretty pictures and write a few thoughtful words and curate it, rather than a quick update with a ton of hashtags.

For me, Instagram felt like having McDonald's for dinner, instead of a homemade meal made from scratch at home, all nice and quick and convenient, but then an hour later you're hungry for something else that's just as brightly-colored and fat-laden. Not that I am against Instagram; I will still check in to see what all the news is, because some bloggers that I have loved following are only posting updates on Instagram, rather than their blogs, but lately, I'm feeling the need to come back to the blog and work on it.

I like having this space to post pictures of things that I've done or made, and writing up little snippets about them, but I don't know that it reflects who I truly am and I struggled last year with keeping everything bright and happy and quilty, when things were not necessarily bright and happy and quilty in my world.

So, I'm revamping the blog a bit. It'll have more depressing stories about tragedies in the world -- just kidding. I do plan on adding a few tabs at the top of the page and writing more posts that include more of my thoughts, instead of just quilt stats like I have been doing. Nothing depressing or heavy, because who needs more of that in the world :)

And I can't leave you without a pretty picture of something, here you go:

Until next time,

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