Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hexie love!

I went to a local quilt show a couple months back and two things happened: one, I didn't buy any fabric there (shocking news); and two, I came home with a kit for paper piecing hexies (it included this book, plus everything needed to make the projects in the book).  It may not be anything of note to you, but to me, it was a big deal, because ever since I  started quilting, I have adamantly said "No handsewing, of any sort." Why do that by hand when I can do it with my snazzy machine?



Then, the road trip happened.


And my little quilting world grew a little bigger with the addition of, and love of, paper piecing sweet little hexies.

The fabric is Sunnyside by Kate Spain for Moda and I bought a mini charm pack on a whim and it was just the right size for 1" hexies. I got through the whole pack and was looking around for more fabric, but alas, I didn't bring any with me :(

These are so much fun! And so very convenient to bring along with you if you need to go somewhere and wait for a bit and want to get some sewing done in the meantime.

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